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$1,000+ RESIDUAL
Watch this 5 minute 
video like a hawk...
Watch this 
5 minute video 
like a hawk ...

Next, let us get the PROOF out of the way and show you factually that others are already doing this!  (we know there's a lot of non-sense on the internet these days)

I asked a few friends who are already doing this, what their customer volume finished up at for the month of November and this is what they recorded below. 

  Now, i'm not technically allowed to show you the dollar amount they earned, but I can tell you the percentage they earned from 30-36% and you can take out a calculator and figure it out 📲

Do we have your 
attention now?  
keep reading & watching the short videos below 

Even this Grandma from a one stop light town is crushing it

"I’m a grandmother who lives in a small town with one stop light, and a gas station - that's also the post office. I only had 87 friends on Facebook. I didn't see how this could work for me, but I followed the system and I was able to make enough extra money to pay the bills. Plus I met new people and made friends in the process!" -Robin

Follow the yellow brick road to your first $1,000 residual income month
We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Do This
Mentorship spots are open but hurry.  Due to our "take you by the hand" approach, each coach can only truly launch 3 to 4 people at a time.

If we can't get you set up this month, you'll be first in line next month.
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Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Wes Bewley
Austin, TX
I'm thrilled that you're here learning about this right now.

We know what we're doing and we're going to take a lot of people with us, so I hope you are one of them and that we get to personally meet in the near future.

There are some fundamental levers that are about to get dialed up in January and even looking at it negatively, I don't see how your business won't grow 25 - 35% in the first quarter of 2024.

So learn what you need to learn, ask the questions you need to ask, and get started with us as soon as possible. 

My utmost belief in you,

We're passionate about helping you succeed with this because most opportunities out there lack the key fundamentals to actually deliver on the promise of true residual income.
for example...  

Selling Courses = 🛑

Selling courses & high ticket offers is cool, but you have to keep selling every month & finding new customers because there isn’t continuity, so eventually it becomes a dead end.

Most Affiliate Programs = 🛑

The largest affiliate program in the World is Amazon but they can only pay 2 to 4 % because of all of their overhead, which takes forever to actually make real money.

The Gig Economy = 🛑

Driving for Uber or picking up groceries is neat but you're having to exchange time for money again and a person can never get ahead that way.
whereas ... 
Here, let's say you really struggled to become successful with this and were only able to get 5 customers a month.

Well, at the end of 12 months, you'd have 60 customers and if your average order was $150, then you'd be doing 9,000 a month in sales.

You'd make 36% of that which would equal $3,240/month
what could you do with that ? 
And i'm not even factoring in if your customers refer other customers which could greatly enhance your total.

Look, nothing is promised and we can't make people buy from you, but if you approach this like a business and truly commit to the result, I know we can help you get there because we do this everyday.

In comparison, the other things might pay you once or even a few times, but nothing pays into continuity like this does.


However, all of the other things are great and have their place, I'm just saying for sure add this and watch what happens.

timing is big !

If this was a stock you'd be going all in on this one

Here's why

In January, we're launching something for our customers that will be an absolute game-changer.  You see, what makes a business exciting is the ability to have a yellow brick road of never ending road of customers.

99% of companies don't understand this and that's why at some point they eventually get stuck.

One of the things we're doing is making it a no brainer to bump our average order from $120 to $150.

73% of our orders are $120, but what if all of your customers were offered something that they couldn't refuse, in order to increase their order to $150?  

That would mean an immediate 25% increase in your business.
Not only that, but we're not just making it a no-brainer for a customer to bump their order from $120 to $150...

We're also going to be the first nutraceutical company in the World, where a customer can get their orders for free.

Here's What i mean

Are you starting to get the picture?

Imagine a world where

You could wake up everyday and predictably get customer after customer after customer and write your own paycheck.

In fact, your customers would become transformed into a mini-sales force shouting your praises all day, because there was a giant carrot for them to speak up about the products.

This will create raving fans

And when you can pair world-class products, with a crazy good offer, and a first of its kind customer incentive program...  well yea.  it's on!!

Not to mention in February, we'll be dropping 4 new products and not to mention in April we'll have a new state of the art e-commerce site that'll be 100 times better than the one we have now and the one we have now is 100 times better than everyone else's.

And not to mention in the fall of 24' we'll be launching an industry first concept that will likely send your sales and my sales into outer freaking space.

So yea.  We're a little amp'd right now.  Are you getting there, too?

I'm about to show you one of roughly 500 ways to create your first $1,000 residual income this month.

I keep saying your first because you're allowed to go as far beyond that as you'd like to.

Keep Going !

You've almost made it to Emerald Castle

House cleaner to work from home mom!

"I cleaned houses for 16 years until I found Social Retail. When I first got started, I hoped to make an extra couple hundred dollars a month. I never thought I would be able to leave that job, but I followed this simple system and now I'm able to stay home with my kids and not clean houses anymore!"    -Paige


You might remember from the first video where I talked about how money goes where problems are solved.  

So if you can solve problems or help someone get a result that they want, then they are happy to do business with you.

All you need is a product that can help someone get a result that they want.

Well ...

7 out of 10 people that you know are overweight or clinically obese.

(not to mention all of the people out there that just simply want to lose a few pounds and lean up)

Their biggest problem is that they don't know what to do, otherwise no one would choose to be overweight, lethargic, or in poor health.

When we look at opportunities, the businesses that can solve the largest problem are typically the most successful.

And 5.6 Billion people being overweight or obese is a big problem.

But this group of people have to see results quick to stay motivated and keep going.

Everyone likes personal momentum

enter the 5-day drop program

This is the single greatest jump start weight loss program we've ever seen because it takes ALL of the guess work out of it meaning it tells you exactly what to do every hour of the day for 5 days.   Most programs only make suggested eating guides, whereas we tell you "eat this at this time!"  so all you have to do is follow directions.

Plus this hits a major psychological trigger which is that most people tend to believe they can do anything for 5 days.

So they order this program from you hoping that this will be different...

and it is !!!  

Finally something delivers

We see the average person lose 5 pounds in 5 days on this program and guess how that makes them feel?  Really good.

So, what do you think is going to happen when you order that program and start talking about the fact that you're about to do a program where the average person loses 5 pounds in 5 days without starving themselves?

Several people are going to want to do it with you.

At which point you'll open up your modere app, click the share discount link at the top right, and shoot it to your friend who has approached you about it.

Then, when they order, you'll get paid at either 6 am or 6 pm mountain time depending on when their order went in.  

If you want more control, we can teach you how to take the order which is what a lot of people do as a white glove service to their customers.

That way, you can put the order in yourself and you're not sitting around wondering when your customer is going to order.

With their program, they'll also have these beautiful support documents and everything from start to finish will be a first class experience for them.

Pretty cool huh !

Well it gets better.  Guess what happens when you're able to deliver and actually help them get some results?  They're going to ask you "what should I do next?"

That's when you'll recommend that they do what you're doing next, which is the Lean Body System.  

The Lean Body System picks up where the 5-day drop leaves off and is a 30 day program.  

Then, if someone wants to drop down a bit more, they'll just repeat the 5-day drop after that.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy baby!

Now you just transformed them into a raving fan and they'll end up trying your incredible skin care line, your gut health products, your safe non-toxic home and personal care products, your energy products, etc etc...

Do that 15 to 20 times and you'll be generating $1,000/month in no time.

But it starts with your very first customer.  That's the most important one.

Then you can keep going to whatever level of monthly income your heart desires.

Yes, its work.  And no, not everyday will be easy.  But it will be worth it and you'll have something long lasting to be proud of and something that will forever put you and your family in the power position.

It's a Wonderful Life !

After you learn the ropes, you'll be a walking talking life changing machine everywhere you go!  I can see it now!

So watch the video below and it will show you the best way to get set up, then we'll get you added to the group, get you trained up in about 30 minutes, and we'll be off to the races focused on helping you get your very first customer!

Let's do this!

Hooray !
You made it to
emerald castle

The journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.

We see you Happy, Healthy, & Thriving.

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